This was initially inspired by a documentary about the revered Roland TR808 - An old classic programmable drum machine with a distinct clean sound and deep, powerful low end that has found it's way into many genres of music since it's iconic use in the diy hiphop scene of the 1980's. 

I wanted to find a way to use, abuse and destroy that wonderful classic sound, in a satisfying new way.

I started by synthesising a similarly warm and deep percussive tone and then automated the pitch, sustain,  stereo width and reverb simultaneously to create a kind of smashing triplets drum fill/ tom roll sound that feels lively and in constant flux. 

The aggressive, inane simplicity of the deep percussive elements early on, contrast in interesting ways with the evolving complexity of the playful, innocent melodies and spacious depths.   



The musical adaptation of the organic sound design heard in Aaron Wilson's CANOPY. Further exploring the award winning film's dreamy soundscapes and hyper-realism, whilst inspiring a similarly immersive, meditative and consciousness-exploring experience.

Written in the Stars - Emaar (Auromaya Remix)

Such an uplifting pleasure to work on this remix for the melodic masterminds of Emaar. A cheeky progressive interpretation - transposed and re-imagined in a typically dark edged bittersweet way. Definitely influenced by John Hopkins and the eclectic modern post tech house progressive sounds of Berlin.

BREATHE - Emaar (Auromaya Remix)

It was great fun to work on this remix, it's been a long time since I've produced any psytrance/ progressive.
Working at such a fast tempo is very motivating!  


This is quite an old release.. my first EP.
A chill / organic glitch sound inspired by feelings of connectedness with nature and the concept of Gaia - the feminine personification of the devine goddess of earth..
I spent so much time on every detail of this music... Minutes on every second... Hours on every minute.         

Originally released by Kahvi Collective.